Read the letter from the Newton Booth Neighborhood Association to the Sacramento Transportation Authority Commission Chairman, Eric Guerra, Requesting our Soundwall.

Everyone deserves to feel safe at home.

The Triangle is a Unique Neighborhood

What separates our neighborhoods is dangerous and we believe our little slice of home deserves better—a sound wall to protect us from the freeway. Our community of children, cats, dogs, elderly, disabled, and young alike want fresh air, quiet nights, and to walk the neighborhood without being bombarded with trash or even worse cars, crashing onto our streets.

The Alhambra Triangle was part of the current Caltrans project that is building Sound Walls in our surrounding neighborhoods along 50, but somewhere it was decided we weren’t worthy of the investment.

We want to change that.

We Need Plants

They play a vital role in directly removing pollutants from our air. The world’s forests absorb a third of global emissions every year. We need more greenery here, now.

We Need Protection

The only thing keeping us safe from oncoming traffic is a chain link fence. And nothing protects us from the garbage that blows into our neighborhood.

We Need Peace

The traffic noise levels make it impossible to have a conversation with your neighbors and friends outside. The constant light pollution causes its own disruption.

We are neighbors working to get Caltrans back on track to make our neighborhood healthy & safe.


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